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A ten year anniversary is a milestone for any business. When it is a business that provides personal, individualized custom care and wellbeing that rejuvenates the body and mind , such longevity is the result of honest  recommendations, successful treatments, satisfied repeat customers and their recommendations to their friends.

            January marks 10 successful years of the largest business of this type in Pattaya, the world class Aesthica Clinic which is the#1 health institute offering Cosmetic Dermatology, Rejuvenation, Weight Loss, Hair Loss treatment, Anti-Aging Medicine plus now introducing ‘Happy Mind’ for beauty both inside and out.


      Aesthica Clinic will guide you through an all inclusive wellbeing health program that address the needs throughout your body for both medical well ness and cosmetic improvements. An example is weight loss. Obesity not only negatively affects your heart and health; it can also produce low self-esteem , diminished sex drive and create depression. At Aesthica Clinic , with the latest advancements in laser treatments you can enjoy from 4 to 6 kilos of “non –surgical” fat-reduction in as little as one treatment with no side effects and no downtime-guaranteed. Not only do you lose the fat, by having a no-penetration, non-evasive pain less laser treatment your body will stay firm with no loose skin. You’ll be healthier, look great and feel better about yourself.


      Your face is unquestionably the most important  element of your outer appearance. It’s what you see in the mirror every morning thereby affecting hoe you feel about yourself all day. Your appearance is of vast importance when you communicate with and project yourself to others. Whether you have flaws from birth or have gained some unwanted changes to your appearance over the years, Aesthica Clinic can help. We provide professional facial treatments, both basic and intensive , plus facial rejuvenation ,facial tightening and laser elimination of double chins. We also treat with dermal fillers which enhances your natural looks by restoring your skin’s volume, creating softness and revitalizing your appearance.


We specialize in prevention, not just correction. Forget expensive, painful cosmetic surgeries with unexpected result. Your natural beauty will glow once again with natural, pleasant, non-evasive Aesthica treatments.


Are you experiencing hair loss? As part of our total wellbeing program we can  aid in restoring thinning hair for a healthier, younger look in both men and women.


A massage is a wonderful treatment for total health, but did you know that technology has once again made a good thing better? At Aesthica Clinic we have the latest in programmable whole body massage machines that are regulated to give you the exact touch needed. By varying pressure levels you can receive a light skin massage or a firmer massage that opens and drains lymph nodes thereby bathing  the tissues and conveying white blood cells into the bloodstream. Our massage can be whole body or we can target specific areas.


 In addition to our in – house treatments we have specially formulated skin creams that you can take home to maintain your new, healthy , handsome – beautiful look  Compare our professionally  formulated creams to department store creams and you’ll immediately notice the difference. Aesthica Clinic has grown steadily for ten years based on truth and honesty. When you come in we offer a FREE consultation which  include an assessment of your needs followed by recommended treatments that will successfully  correct and/or prevent  unwanted problems. To enhance your total wellbeing we recently introduced Happy Mind , a program that will increase your inner beauty through reduction in stress, sleeplessness and other troubles which may be weighing on your mind.

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Doctor at Aesthica Clinic Pattaya

Thaigerdeals Dr Jirawat Lorpraditchai

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