First Fertility PGS Center

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First Fertility PGS Center 

First Fertility Center Limited launched a popular and boutique one-stop clinic for IVF treatment in Thailand and Cambodia, providing a highly successful step by step IVF program that incorporates modern technology, proven IVF techniques and an astute focus on helping mum-to-be completely unwind and relax throughout their journey.


Our Center is one of Asia's leading infertility treatment clinics. We specialize in providing the most advanced level of care while maintaining a commitment to a patient friendly environment.



Our team of Doctor’s include renowned fertility specialists who have helped many international patients achieve their dream of having a family of their own.


Dr.Tanut Jerachotechueantaveechai 

Medical Director (Thailand)

“Individualization in IVF treatment is our objective in order to offer each couple the most advanced and suitable option to achieve success. Our specialized protocols; indicate stimulation preparation, ovulation induction, sperm preparation and selection for IVF or ICSI, blastocyst culture and transfer. Each are meticulously designed based on the balance of the body, the healthiness of eggs and sperms and the personal need of each couple. To achieve the best outcomes we work closely with each couple as a team from the beginning until the end of the treatment. It’s our commitment not to leave our customers, and we strongly believe that our tailor-made approach will maximize the chance for each couples.

 “Dealing with four major factors, time, finance, emotion and physical changes - is considered some the greatest stress during IVF treatment. Stress has been shown to negativity impact success, with research finding that lowering stress levels can lead to improved pregnancy rates. With our professional team, we customize your individual plan in order to balance your treatment, work and life schedule. Not only do we assist in all aspect of the IVF journey, but we also support patients’ mental and physical health.

Occupies over 12,000 sq ft in down town Bangkok.

We have a clean room laboratory of ISO Class 6 standard.

We installed the most advanced imported equipment, and only use medicine from multinational pharmaceutical companies.

Our one-stop service with our professional technical staff and friendly customers service team will make your journey with us simple and enjoyable.

Our main attractions are


Proven Success Rates, Experienced and Friendly Team, Leading Equipment, Technology, and Medicines, Customized treatment plan, and Affordable Prices

Genetically healthy babies through technology -

We use Pre-implantation Genetic Screening to diagnose the embryos for chromosomal abnormalities, so that only genetically healthy embryos are used for transfer.

PGS helps reduce the chance of conceiving a child with defective genetic factors.

PGS also improves IVF pregnancy rate, because genetically defective embryos are naturally rejected by the uterus.

Advantages of doing IVF in Thailand -

IVF technology in Thailand is as good as any other countries, while the cost of the treatment is much more affordable.

During your IVF treatment, you will throughly enjoy the Land of Smiles' warm hospitality, good food, idyllic sceneries, and plentiful recreational facilities. 5 star hotels including the Four Seasons, St Regis, Marriott Courtyard, Intercontinental, The Rennaissance, Grand Hyatt, etc are all within 15 minutes' walking distance from the clinic.

First Fertility Group


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Doctor at First Fertility PGS Center

Thaigerdeals Miss SARA FFC
Thaigerdeals Miss Tanya FFC

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